Key Applications / Stimulation

Italmatch Chemicals offers a full suite of products available for formulation or field-ready application into stimulation. We have our expansive scale inhibitor lines, including Mayoquest®, Dequest®, and Bellasol® phosphonates and polymer-based chemistries. Additionally, in order to drive field applicable solutions, we have unique formulations for scale inhibition and an expanding portfolio.

With years of knowledge and proven field application, our Bellacide® biocide range is effective, thermally stable, and fit for any situation. Bellacide® offers excellent performance coupled with low treat rates to deliver low cost in use for customers.


Other Key Application

To support continued production and maintain well integrity, we are continuously expanding our chemical portfolio.

Related Case Studies

  • Stimulation

    Aubin® Xmax in offshore Malaysia

    Aubin® Xmax deployment for zonal isolation extends field life in brown field development in offshore Malaysia
  • Stimulation

    Bellacide® 364 in the Utica and Marcellus

    Bellacide® 364 provided both short-term and long-term bacterial control when applied in a mixed water frac.
  • Stimulation

    Bellacide® 300 in the Williston Basin

    Bellacide® 300 provided long-term bacterial control in the Williston Basin, while maintaining frac fluid integrity during hydraulic stimulation.

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