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Flow assurance is the maintained produced fluid flow from well to processing facilities. Flow assurance issues often arise due to solids deposition problems in the wellbore, including scale and paraffin deposition.  Dispersants and inhibitors chemistries are used to keep production fluid flowing and prevent deposition. Italmatch chemicals offers a full suite of chemistries to make sure wells keep flowing into production, protected, and with decreased required intervention.  This includes products such as scale inhibitors and pour point depressants to protect the well integrity through production.

Dequest® and Mayoquest® phosphonates and Bellasol® polymers are class leading brands that control scale deposition throughout the system ensuring optimal flow and productivity. More recent developments address more challenging conditions of high temperature and pressure in both continuous and squeeze applications.

Bellacide® organic biocides control microbiological activity and prevent the buildup of biofilm which can reduce flow rates in pipelines.

Innovative new Eco-Inhibitor low dose gas hydrate inhibitors bring exceptional control with top tier biodegradability while our new range of pour-point depressants improves the flow and pumpability of waxy crude oils.

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