Italmatch Oil and Gas products play a key role in reducing total operating costs even in the harshest environments. They offer unique, safe to handle, highly compatible, effective chemical solutions.

The Italmatch portfolio includes established and recognizable brands such as:

We offer ready to use, functional solutions for customers focusing on Flow Assurance, Asset Integrity, Hydraulic Fracturing and Acidizing Stimulation

Below you will find information about our featured products. If you can’t find the product you are looking for please complete our Enquiry Form.

Flow Assurance

Dequest® and Mayoquest® phosphonates and Bellasol® polymers are class leading brands that control scale deposition throughout the system ensuring optimal flow and productivity.

Asset Integrity

Bellacide® biocides provide exceptional control over SRB (sulfate reducing bacteria) and APB (acid producing bacteria) that contribute to MIC (microbially induced corrosion).

Hydraulic Fracturing

Italmatch has a full offer for the frac market with technologies ranging from customized friction reducers to scale inhibitors and biocides.

Acidizing Stimulation

New formulations that deliver exceptional control in acid stimulation where the low pH environments can impact metal equipment integrity and lifetime.

WST Portfolio

WST combines a full range of solutions for the completions and specialty production chemicals markets.

WST is flexible enough to create a custom solution specifically for your needs. We also have the in- house capability to analyze and test our solution to make sure it’s a perfect fit for your needs.