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Chemicals applied during hydraulic stimulation to aid in successful frac as well as provide protection into production phase.  Proactive application of chemicals in hydraulic stimulation can help maintain well integrity into production.  Additionally, with hydraulic stimulation, chemical application to reach the far-reaching fractures is imperative to have the best treatment from the start of the well life as many chemicals cannot retroactively have the same reach into the fracs.

Italmatch has a full offer for the frac market with technologies ranging from customized friction reducers to scale inhibitors and biocides.

Dequest®, Mayoquest®, and Bellasol® scale inhibitors protect the system from completions to flow back with a wide range of concentrates and field strength solutions to optimize logistics.

Bellacide® biocides are the market leader and fully compatible with other frac fluid additives, delivering cost effective bacterial control. Bellacide® has successfully been applied in all major basins and have the additional benefits of better handling, oil/water separation properties, and long-term biocidal control. All Bellacides® are fully registered in the USA with our Bellacide® 355W registered in Canada.

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