March 25, 2024

Aubin® Xmax, innovative barrier technology: read the new case history for deployment in offshore Malaysia

Italmatch Chemicals has published a new case history about Aubin® Xmax, our novel barrier technology for water shut-off, inducing a precise and controlled formation damage to isolate target production zones.

Key features of Aubin® Xmax

Aubin® Xmax offers a range of features that make it a standout solution in the oil and gas industry. Firstly, it effectively postpones the need for new wells and mitigates associated environmental impacts by extending the life cycle of mature wells. Unlike traditional technologies, Aubin® Xmax does not depend on good annular cement or rely on seals against wellbore tubulars. Moreover, it utilizes non-hazardous chemicals (CEFAS registered, low hazard, or PLONOR) to form a stable mineral, ensuring safety and compliance with environmental regulations. Additionally, it delivers significant economic and environmental savings compared to technologies requiring rig deployment.

New case history: Aubin® Xmax deployment for zonal isolation extends field life in brown field development in offshore Malaysia

In Malaysia, an operator aimed to increase oil production in an offshore brown field by isolating watered-out perforations. The plan involved conducting a cement packer job to enable the exploitation of the Behind Casing Opportunity (BCO) by perforating new zones in upper layers. However, complications arose due to a leaking top packer, which needed remediation before the cement packer installation could proceed without the need for an expensive workover.

Well details:

  • Location: Offshore, Malaysia
  • Reservoir Type: Sandstone
  • Well Type: Deviated – 57.1° (@ 1,335 m)
  • Target Interval: 6.5 m (@ ~2,820 – ~2,835 m)
  • Average Permeability: 79 mD
  • Average Porosity: 20.5 %
  • Production Tubing: 3-1/2”
  • Casing Size: 7”

The targeted reservoir zones were successfully isolated using Aubin® Xmax treatment, with impaired injectivity observed during tubing displacement following 1st main treatment application and confirmed through pressure testing.

Case history highlights and key benefits

  • Remediation of top packer leak with cost savings of $ 1.9million vs. workover
  • Changed well from 100% water to 100% oil extending productive field life300 bopd from new perforations with production now forecast to 2040
  • Reduced total cost of operations and improved profitability – Additional production revenue of $ 24k / day or $ 8.8million / year

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