December 3, 2020

Bellacide® 355W from Italmatch is now available and approved for the Canadian Completions and EOR market.

New Biocide for the Canadian Fracturing Market

Bacterial control is vital in the oil and gas market – microbes can have a profound impact on the integrity of a well. With high resource costs and time invested in the production of oil and gas it is important to maintain integrity by scale control, corrosion control, and bacterial control. Unlike other water components, bacterial content is dynamic, the microbes are alive, and they multiply. The best method of control is a proactive approach which mitigates the number of bacteria.

Bellacide® 355W from Italmatch is now available and approved for the Canadian Completions and EOR market.

Bellacide® 355W is a winterized, non-oxidative biocide with a history of proven performance in the Oil and Gas market. Bellacide® 355W provides excellent biocidal control against multiple organisms by disrupting all microbial membranes and it maintains long-term bacterial control with continued activity even at high temperature. Additionally, Bellacide® 355W is compatible with other frac additives and performs across a wide pH range, including high pH levels common in today’s slick water crosslink systems. This field ready product has a good HSE profile and freeze protected to -20°C, making it a better choice for ease of application.

Benefits and results for Bellacide® 355W

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