April 4, 2022

Bellacide® 355W, new fracturing biocide in Canada: read the case study

Bellacide® 355W non-oxidizing biocide for hydraulic fracturing applications in Canada: learn more in our new case study

Bellacide 355W benefits and features

Bellacide® 355W is Italmatch Chemicals Oil & Gas Solutions innovative, high temperature stable, economical and non oxidative biocide. Bellacide® 355W is a high performing 5% active non-oxidizing biocide for EOR and Hydraulic Fracturing applications

The increasing demand in the world for hydrocarbons paved the way for the exploration of unconventional resources, like tight shale formations. One example is the East Shale Duvernay, located in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. Hydraulic fracturing has been key to the development of tight shale formations, but these processes can introduce unwanted microorganisms into the formation. As a result, biocides are used to prevent microbial contamination. In the Canadian market, there are only a small number of registered biocides available, leading to a demand for new, effective, thermally stable, and economical chemistries.

Bellacide® 355W has been developed to meet these challenges and is based on tributyl tetradecyl phosphonium chloride (TTPC). It has been successfully applied during hydraulic fracturing applications in the USA for over ten years with exceptional results in maintained bacterial control through production. Bellacide® 355W has been recently approved by the Canadian Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) for use in oil and gas applications and with positive results in the first set of wells treated after registration.

Key features of Bellacide® 355W:

  • Persistent and stable at temperatures up to 180°
  • No impact on other fracturing chemicals
  • Winterized to -20°C
  • SRBs, APBs biocidal activity at wide range of pH and temperature
  • Not a skin sensitizer

Main benefits of Bellacide® 355W:

Bellacide 355W benefits and features

Learn more details about Bellacide 355W use in the Duvernay and read our new case study to find out the full tests and results >

Reach out to our Canadian team to learn more: Shanon Archibald (s.archibald@italmatch.com – Mobile +1 403 598 1638)