June 14, 2022

Bellacide® 364 Series: newest Italmatch biocides with lowest level hazard classifications

Italmatch Oil & Gas solutions leads the ESG charge with Bellacide® 364 series: safer biocides for oilfield applications

ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) is important to the oil and gas industry for sustainability and long-term value.  Chemical application during stimulation and production are necessary to keep wells flowing. Italmatch Chemicals recognizes the need for safer chemistries in the oilfield and leads the ESG charge with Bellacide® 364 series biocides. If safety in handling is a primary concern without sacrificing performance, Bellacide® 364 series are the biocides of choice.

Bellacide® 364 series are Italmatch newest biocides to market. They are approved by the EPA, with the lowest level hazard classifications for many categories involving human contact, making them the best biocides choice for application in oil and gas. The result is that Bellacide® 364 are substantially safer for employees to handle with low risk of inhalation, skin contact and eye risk. This product blend two chemistries with a long history of use in medical and water treatment applications, including use in skin wipes, swimming pools and contact solutions.

EPA reviews and classifications listed at lowest levels of impact in multiple categories:

  • Skin sensitization: Non-sensitizer
  • pH Effects: Primary Skin Irritation Toxicity Category IV (lowest level of classification)
  • Respiratory Irritancy: Acute Inhalation Toxicity Category IV (lowest level of classification)

Bellacide® 364 chemistries are also safer than other chemistries as they selectively target microbial cells and has been used in many products that come in direct contact with mammalian tissue with no adverse side effects.  Even at low concentrations, the chemistry has been shown to have great biofilm penetrations as shown from its study on cow mastitis treatment.

Want to learn more about Bellacide® 364 innovative features and benefits? Write an email to contact.oilandgas@italmatch.com with your enquiries and you will be contacted by our sales and technical team.