Product Functions

Acidizing Corrosion Inhibitor

Acidizing is used to either stimulate a well to improve flow or to remove damage and it involves the use of high volumes of strong acids that can lead to metal corrosion. Acidizing Corrosion Inhibitor (ACI) are used to protect the carbon and chrome metal, mitigating corrosion and prolonging equipment life. To deliver the desired protection, ACI must be stable at high concentration, low pH, and high temperature conditions. Italmatch Chemicals Oil & Gas Solutions has a portfolio of Acidizing Corrosion Inhibitor products designed and formulated to inhibit corrosion in all HCl and HCl-HF acid concentrations at temperatures up to 350°F (170°C).

H2S Scavenger

H2S is a common gas in Oil & Gas reservoir. H2S is a poisonous gas with severe safety risk and can also cause severe corrosion in production systems. Mitigation of H2S can be accomplished with the use of H2S scavengers. Italmatch Chemicals portfolio has a wide range of ready to use non-regenerative scavengers.

Film Forming Corrosion Inhibitor

Internal and external corrosion of downhole tubing and equipment, subsea or surface pipelines, pressure vessels, and storage tanks is a major problem in the oil and gas industry and requires an appropriate management to avoid severe issues. Film-forming corrosion inhibitors are one of the most used classes of corrosion inhibitor currently used by the O&G industry and are particularly useful for the prevention of chloride, CO2, and H2S corrosion by adsorbing on metal surface and creating a protective layer.


Biocides are used in oil and gas production to kill microorganisms that can cause damage to infrastructure and can cause unwanted fouling and hazard gas generation.  Microorganisms grow in the water phase and unlike other water components cannot be removed entirely and can grow and populate any area given time and resources.  Bacteria can be found in water (planktonic) or can form colonies that adhere to surfaces (sessile).  Sessile bacteria are much harder to quantify and monitor in oil and gas production. Bacteria can be aerobic or anaerobic and many use a variety of compounds as energy sources. Italmatch Chemicals has a variety of biocide chemistries available to fit all needs, whether that be high temperature, high TDS, or over a wide range of pH conditions.

Paraffin Inhibitors/Crystal Modifiers

Paraffin wax deposition can occur during Oil & Gas Production when as a result of crude oil “destabilization” and can cause blockages to hydrocarbon flow. Inhibitors and dispersants are cost-effective technologies to limit the negative impact of wax deposition. Italmatch Chemicals offers different solutions based on functionalized alpha olefin-ester copolymers proved to be effective over a wide range of conditions

Eco Inhibitors

Gas hydrates are ice-liked solids formed from water and small hydrocarbons molecules at elevated pressure and low temperature, often found in subsea and cold climate pipelines.  They can block the flow of fluids and are highly unsafe for operators, due to high flammability. Different methodologies have been developed to limit or avoid hydrates formation and chemical inhibitors are probably the most cost-effective technique. Italmatch Chemicals Oil & Gas Solutions offers an innovative line of Eco-Inhibitors Low Dosage Hydrates Inhibitors that include a readily biodegradable Anti-Agglomerant, a natural-based Kinetic Hydrate Inhibitor coming from fish waste and a Kinetic Hydrate Inhibitor Synergist, to be used to boost performance or reduce dosage of standard kinetic hydrate inhibitors.

Scale inhibitors

Deposition of insoluble inorganic salt is one of the daily challenges that Oil & Gas operators must face. Most common scaling species are Calcite, Calcium Sulfate, Barite and Celestite but in some cases Iron carbonate, metal sulfides, halite, silica, and silicates can be found in the deposit. A proper mitigation strategy is crucial to avoid decreasing of oil production or even shutdowns. Italmatch Chemicals is the world leader in phosphonates manufacturing for a broad range of industries, including O&G. The scale inhibitor portfolio is completed with low molecular weight specialty polymers. Beside standard technologies, Italmatch experts offer innovative and patented chemical solutions and consultancy. Tailor made and synergistic solutions can support customers in maximizing benefits and reduce cost of treatment. In line with ESG approach, Italmatch portfolio includes CEFAS and NEMS compliant scale inhibitors to be used in highly regulated regions like the North Sea. Italmatch Research & Development labs and partner research institutions are equipped to face every possible scale challenge.